As a restaurateur, you have customers, employees, a kitchen and dining operation to worry about. Echo Daily's modern POS systems combines all of the software features and hardware that drive your restaurant business. You will be able to oversee the front and back of the house with a POS system that puts the information where you need it to deliver dining experience success.

POS solutions can:

  • Streamline Your Process

  • - Create Order Accuracy
    - Create Bar Tabs
    - Transfer Tabs
    - Dining Room, Patio And Bar Maps
    - Track Order Times To Tables And Table Turnover
    - Split Payments
    - Integrates with Quickbooks & Other Accounting Software
    - Accept CC Transactions Offline
  • Increase Sales + Add Value

  • - Table Side Ordering
    - Offer Mobile Payments for Line Busting & Off-Site Events
    - Online Ordering Through Your Website & Customized App
    - Loyalty Programs
    - Gift Cards
    - Digital Menu Displays
    - Digital Kitchen Displays
  • Offer Detailed Tracking

  • - Track Inventory
    - Track & Compare Vendor Costs
    - Measure Costs Of Good & Profitability Of Each Item
    - Historic Reporting For Future Planning
    - Track Sales By Employee
    + Many More Reports

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